A trip to Manchester – small things…

I started a new job in October. It means I am much busier – less time for writing – and that I am travelling regularly for work.

Sorry if this post reads a little like an advert – I had a bit of an #overexcitedcoeliac moment…

I wanted to mention this trip because of the incredible service I got at Motel One in Manchester – travelling away always makes me a little nervous, especially since my reaction to gluten has become so much more sensitive¬†and I really can’t afford to be besieged by brain-fog (or worse) while working away in an unfamiliar place.

Apparently I can remove this particular anxiety when travelling to Manchester! When I went down for breakfast after my night’s stay (the rooms are basic, but inexpensive, spotlessly clean and well designed) there was a note next to my name where I checked in for breakfast. After a couple of minutes, while I perused the continental breakfast, (meats and cheese, yoghurt, organic milk) they brought me a basket with two different types of bread (more than I could eat), as well as two bowls of gluten free cereal to choose from.

It was a small thing really, but made such an incredible difference to my day. There wasn’t even a hint of a rolled eye and the staff were really keen to help. So, there was only a communal toaster (you know the ones where there’s a moving platform and you have to keep your fingers crossed the toast doesn’t burn on its journey through?) so I had bread instead of toast, but I really didn’t mind.

The staff were friendly and attentive, the location was incredibly convenient right by Piccadilly station and I’ll definitely be back!

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