I will post recipes I make up, some I have borrowed and links to others here…

Please come back soon!

In the mean time, I highly recommend:

Jack Monroe: – Her recipes are budget, simple, delicious and largely gluten free. Those that aren’t, can be easily adapted by using gluten free flour. (I’m basing this on having had a good read through her book, not the blog, but I can’t imagine there will be any nasty surprises!)

Shauna James Ahern: – The first blog I read when I started looking into going gluten free. Recommended by my friend Rachel, who is based in New York. The Lemon Birthday Cake on her page is out of this world!

Since I first started writing this blog in 2013, a lot of gluten free ingredients have become a LOT easier to find. Some are still on the expensive side, and often you will find American and Australian recipes where ingredients are called different things. If something seems unfamiliar, have a search online, there is often a substitute!

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